Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO One Headset – Xbox One and Why You Need It

Using as many senses as possible while gaming is important.

When you play you use 3 of the 5 senses you were born with.

  1. Sight
  2. Hearingbest xbox one headset tutle beach surround sound
  3. Touch

Without these skills, you physically would be at the “Dad” level of gaming. You become sluggish and slow in the important times of matches where you could have clutched a win!

In games like Rainbow 6 Siege, sight and hearing are the most important senses to rely on. They tell you where the enemy is located and the best way to kill them.

If you can’t hear them coming, well… good luck.

With these Turtle Beaches, you can hear them a mile away and be able to pinpoint their location with practice and finally get the jump on them.

This headset works best with FPS, but if you like to listen to the music, like in Skyrim, then these will be your best investment.

All of the sound is crystal clear and changes with your perspective in the game.

But why do I need this mic when my Xbox came with one?

Great question, but easily answered.

The feedback that the basic mic uses can get in the way and cause a serious echo while in parties, recordings, and streams.

Your voice becomes very static-y after about 3 months of use (at least mine did).

This headset in particular is one if not the best to really boost your gameplay to the next level.

What do they provide?

  • High Quality 50mm Speakers – Hear every crisp high and thundering low with these large 50mm speakers
  • Headset Audio Controller – Connects to any Xbox One controller and puts all audio controls conveniently at your fingertips
  • Crystal Clear Chat – An adjustable, high-sensitivity mic picks-up your voice loud and clear, and can be removed when watching movies or listening to music
  • Lightweight & Comfortable – Play for hours (or days) in complete comfort.
  • Versatile Compatibility – Works great with all Xbox One controllers and compatible mobile/tablet devices with a 3.5mm connection

So basically is an incredibly versatile mic that I would recommend to anyone wanting to amp up their level of gaming.

Turtle beach good cheap xbox headset

If you want to increase in your skill ranks, you can get on at this link!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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