Seagate Hard Drive 2TB (xbox):One of the best storage and memory hard drives(My review)

Seagate 2Terrabyte Hardrive extra storage reviewWhy do I need so much space???

If you are like me, then you absolutely LOVE video games. They are the heart and soul of your personality and lives you have lived through them. You have slain many powerful foes and monsters that make you hunger for their blood.

The only problem is when you get to the point where all of the new games coming out are massive in size, (looking at you GTA) you run out of space very quickly.

I personally like to hold on to all of my games and keep them on my hard drive. I had a TB hard drive that came with my Xbox One and I filled that thing up FAST.

I really hate to get rid of my progress just to get my hands on Destiny 2 (great game btw). I had to delete some of my favorites like Thief and FOR HONOR. No one, NO ONE likes to lose progress when you have gotten so far, so I did the best thing I could think of.

I upgraded.

Two Terra Bytes is HUGE though, and I only play a few games!

I did too, until better systems and game stories kept getting me hooked into exploring what gaming could really be!

I had my God of War PS2 game, plugging hours after hours into it. I was devoted to the Olympian Gods.

At least, I was until the memory stick broke and all of those saved files went *shwoop* down the drain. I was DESTROYED to the point I almost quit gaming.

At the time the new PS3 was out and it had an internal hard drive . My brother and I went crazy with new games to the point we actually ran out of space with saved files from over 70 games.

Deleting all of those precious boss fights, speed runs, and character progression was tough just to play GTA4. Once the first terrabyte hard drive showed up, I started keeping the games on the system until where I’m currently at.

Instead of 45 MASSIVE memory games taking up my hard drive, I have 62 and currently expanding.

The greatest part…

You can get up to 8 terrabytes with this product!

All in all, I’m SUPER satisfied! 5/5 STARSBest xbox hard drive for gamers and games

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