SCUF Elite precision thumb-sticks and handles: a cheap way to increase performance!

I know that gaming can be expensive and hard to keep up with at times.

As I am a huge FPS fan, I have to say that using the standard controller with high sensitivity on Rainbow 6 Siege is tough.

You have to use super accurate turns to get the jump on opposing players, and with the basic controller, can be increasingly difficult.

I bought some of these scuff thumb-sticks and handles a while back. I was skeptical at first until my second to third game in.

I had gotten used to how they functioned and I was able to make quick peak shot and kill enemies that blindsided me before.

After all, these do advertise to increase precision movements. I guess I didn’t believe it until I saw the results.

SCUF gaming thumbstic grips and handle replacements for PS4 and XBOX.

What are the benefits of these?

Well, that’s pretty simple!

  • SCUF ELITE Precision Thumb sticks- Improve precision and accuracy- Length and shape caters to different hand sizes
  • Military grade grip for increased comfort and durability- Magnetic technology for easy changing of thumb sticks
  • SCUF ELITE Pro Grip Handles- Contoured to fit your hands
  • Military grade material for improved grip
  • Easy to install

Enhancing your gaming experience and play is that simple!

Every pro player and good casual gamer out there (including me) use these to quickly increase the skill of our movement across maps.

They are super easy to put on and to use.

Don’t just take it from me, here’s some responses from people too!


The thumbsticks are amazing. The grip is good“-Nicholas

Completely worth the price. Taking off the old grips did make me a little nervous because you do have to pry them off. The joysticks literally stick to your fingers and the grip is super comfy. For sure would recommend for anyone that wants a bit of extra comfort”-Tony

Scuf Gaming thumbstick grips and enhancements

Why wait to get the jump on your fierce competition?

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