5 Proven ways to increase your gaming skill.



1. Learn the mechanics of the game.

Tips to improve gaming performanceLearning the mechanics of the game is as important as buying the game itself. You cannot beat or get better at a game if you don’t know how to even play it.

Learning the mechanics are, most of the time, simple to do…

You just play the campaign, or in some cases, the tutorial. You should learn a good foundation just from that alone.

2. Play through missions or the campaign to sharpen that skill base.

A great way to improve would be for you to play through side-quests or side missions while playing through the game, or just explore.

The moral of this tip is just to practice… A LOT.

You won’t get better in a day, but you will see improvement within a week if you are trying to get  better.

3. Play online.

Tips to improve gaming. 5 provin tips


There is only so good you can do while pumping up the difficulty against AI. The next step up is to fight other people.

It is imperative to learn other people’s play styles and learn how they play.

Playing against others brings in a whole new category for increasing your gameplay to the next level.

4. Strategy

Strategy is seen across the wide variety of gaming and in the real world. You watch how people play, create a plan to overcome them, and then execute.

You may not be good at countering people’s play styles, but you will with time and practice.

I learned how to create a good counter strategy from the game FOR HONOR. I was terrible at first, until I started seeing patterns in the enemy’s arsenal of attacks. stratagy tips for gaming. How to win better.

5. Compete with good players.

The usual online player base usually hits a skill cap before you start playing with the extremely good players that you can barely read.

By struggling against them, you will slowly but steadily pick up valuable skills from them and possibly make some new friends.

To continue making headway into the world of gaming, the first 2 steps are the most important. The other three are kept within a look to increase your skill.


1,2,3,4,5,3,4,5,3,4,5, etc.

Once you can start that repetition, you can consider yourself a good player and wonder why your friends only exist online!

Just kidding, but seriously, that sequence will make you a better player.

For other ways of getting better, I will provide some links to my other pages.

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